Visual Blockchain Explorer

{ Proof-of-Concept }

Virtual Blockchain Explorer
Screenshot of Development as of August 15, 2020

Development Roadmap

  • A 3d visual live representation of the Ardor ecosystem.
    • Basic visual representations of block chain elements
      • Blocks
      • Transactions
      • Unconfirmed transactions
        • Current dissolve effect is using a third party shader
      • Active Peers
        • Rough Geo-location data for peers (Mapbox and integration)
  • Still needed
    • Enable interactivity between the player and blockchain elements
    • Expandable visual data for each block, transaction, asset etc…
    • Visual representation for the transaction activity of important accounts (Exchanges, Developers rich lists, most active etc…)
    • Integration with Steam VR controls through Unity
    • Overhaul graphics and environment
  • Ideas to create a framework for smooth integration between Unity3D and the Ardor Network
    • Create objects that mach Ardor data types for easy manipulation in Unity
    • Create basic functions for communication with the Ardor Network
    • Create Demo scenes with examples of different types of blockchain interaction
    • Create an asset on the Unity asset store to enlarge the group developers exposed to the Ardor API

amcrypto – Developer